Necklace green with leaves

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As an artist I can create anything you desire or customize a piece that you like to match with your outfit or your taste! So if you would like something unique just for yourself or someone that you love . I will be more than happy to create your own unique jewelry.

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Necklace green with leaves
Asian-inspired necklace created with real Chinese silk embroidered.
Pearls and crystal are in Swarovski.
The clap and the chain are in 18 karat gold plated.
The clasp is in butterfly-shaped.
The necklace is lined with beige leather.
  • Swaroski green squares.
  • 7 Swarovski crystal green beads: 6 and 8 mm of diameter.
  • Gold crystals Swarovski.
  • Green leaves.
  • Chinese silk
  • Beige genuine leather.
  • Claps ( 15 mm of diameter) and chain in 18 karat gold plated.
Size & Dimension: One size fits all.
The necklace length is approximately 520 mm.
"Root" necklace.
An unique necklace..
This necklace is called "Root" so that we do not forget where we came from ....
Only one piece available number 836 signed by the artist.