Black and white choker

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As an artist I can create anything you desire or customize a piece that you like to match with your outfit or your taste! So if you would like something unique just for yourself or someone that you love .I will be more than happy to create your own unique jewelry.

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Black and white choker with feathers

An unique choker completely painted and stamped by hand.The necklace is garnished with black leather roses, Swarovski and black and white feathers.


  • Black square in crystal Swarovki.
  • 1 eggshell bead in Swarovski.                                                                                         
  • Components are in sterling silver.    
  • Roses in black leather,                                                                                                            Black and White feathers.        
  • Chain in sterling silver dept. in rhodium.                                                                                  Genuine black natural leather.

Size & dimension.

One size fits all! the choker  is adjustable,
The necklace is approximately 200 mm long and 60 mm width.
The chain length is 222 mm.

'The crow with white wings " Necklace.

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Only one piece available number 752 signed by the artist.